Friday, June 29, 2007

If You See Something, Say Something

Peter Carlino, James Doohan & Deni

As part of the Revelation Film Festival The Breadbox Gallery is hosting the new video installation If You See Something, Say Something by WA artists Peter Carlino, James Doohan & Deni. Focusing on the absurdity of the impending notion of catastrophe within contemporary life, If You See Something, Say Something is an exhibition exploring our histories and future. In a world of cautionary tales, urban legends, there is a rich territory of themes, transgression, phenomena, prophecy, morality, as well as heeding (or not) of such stories.

Dodo's and animated decapitated heads (the ones i did!) take on an absurd tongue-in-cheek symbolism of unheeded cautionary tales, which perhaps have more relevance today than ever before, as some of the themes of the works showcased will include environmental damage and animal extinction as caused by the advancement of modernity.

If You See Something, Say Something, opens Friday July 6 from 6 pm.

6th Jul, '07 to 28th Jul, '07



  1. holyfuckingshit


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    and, i've decided, you'll take it as it ccomess, and if i typpe it retarded, so beit. i'm sorry lovely.

    my point was, fucking christ this thing sounds bomb. i'm so excited, and everything i jusdt read sondsphenomenal (haha, i'm leaving that on purpose, as a testament as to just how munted i am right now. laaaawlzzz:)

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