Friday, June 29, 2007

Ugly might be catching

ABOVE: The real deal

Since the advent of the whole "IT bag" phenomena, I've noticed a greater (and greater) amount of fugly making it through the drip-down fashion-filter. Luxury brands have it right on the mark (though preferences play an important role in the whole "hot/not" decision making process), demonstrating that quality often ensures that at least the bag looks like it was worthy of the thousand-dollar price tag.

Perhaps the knock-offs should stay knock-offs, unless they're going to go the whole hog - convincing the world of their "realness". I keep sighting all these terrible terrible fake (absolutely no doubt) bags about which make me squirm inwardly.

LEFT: Fake Chloe Paddington

Similarly, the horrible bags i see brands (actual brands, not luis vutton etc) like Guess rolling off the assembly line ... whoa. Talk about being hit with a glitter-infused ugly stick. No, make that ugly barge-pole.

It amuses me the way they even named a line 'Paddington'. Very original. I suppose it's comforting (in a weird way) to note the line does not reference the Chloe Paddington, as i think that would be more than i could handle right now.

I spent about half my day at work today
cringing at the sight of too many Guess bags, mixed with the occasional super-rip-off, mixed in with the even more rare genuine article Gucci or Prada (usually on the arm of a tourist who threw a few fifties at me from a pile of hundred dollar bills in their crocodile skin wallet - you get the idea).

RIGHT: Example of the fugmo Guess bags.

Images have been sourced from various websites, i do not claim them to be my own.

My parting words? Choose wisely. Buyer beware! Ugly might be catching.

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