Monday, September 28, 2009

Primped VIP: Estee Lauder Ultimate Red

Images via Primped

Next up in the Primped package is some classy stuff from Estee Lauder - a Signature Eyeshadow Quad, Opulent Shimmer Gloss and Turbolash Mascara.

Updated product information (provided by Primped):
Ultimate Red is a limited edition Colour story launching in November and is a fun, party look that’s all about sexy reds and glimmering golds and smoky eyes and, of course, the shimmery gold lashes. There’s two looks, Ultimate Red, or Lavish Plum and also in the collection was the Opulent Shimmer Powder for highlighting the face and a Gel Eyeliner and the Signature Lipstick.

Face: Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation, MAC MSF - So Ceylon
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion, EL Signature Eyeshadow Quad - Gold Opulence, Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara - Glam Black, EL Turbolash - Gold Effects
Lips: EL Opulent Shimmer Gloss

I was pretty excited to see the Turbolash in the parcel - however in reality I find it lacking. Looking at this formula, I think it's intended to "gild" the lashes rather than lengthen or create volume. The gold flecked pigment is pretty - but not your go to if you want length or volume. As for the vibration effect ... I suppose it could be good for lifting and separating of the lashes, but that effect remains to be seen, as this formula lacks the oomph of a regular mascara. There's not really any need for the additional technology.

The eyeshadow quad will go to good use, but I found the colour payoff wanting - I'd actually use this during the day (with a restrained hand when it comes to the dark bronze and grey-black shades) for a natural but put together look. There wasn't quite enough pigment in the deeper shades to satisfy my needs when creating a smoky "evening eye".

The lipgloss offers plush texture - minus stickiness, and the colour I received is a very wearable orange-red which works for me. I like the brush applicator - for some reason sponge tip wands gross me out.

I wanted to like these products - I mean they're just so shiny.

They look very glam on my bathroom counter. I guess these are great finds for lots of consumers - I can see why everyone I know thinks of Estee and says "Oh, my Mum has always worn their make up" ... It's because there's something inherently "safe" about these products - no matter how much deep bronze or grey-black eyeshadow I put on, there was little I could do to increase the depth of colour.

I found these lovely to use and look at (because who doesn't like a bit of gold?) - but I didn't find anything here that I didn't already have from my usual go to brands.

In summary, some key points:

  • Colours - Nothing ground breaking, but definitely wearable. Colour pay off - Not convinced about any of the eye products, but the lippy is a keeper.
  • Packaging - Certainly a plus, if you like bling.
  • Technology - a vibrating mascara. Just call me "underwhelmed".
  • Textures - Good, particularly the lip gloss.
P.S - My eyeshadow looks really wingy even though that was not what it looked like at all. I think the lighting and angles were doing something a little weird here!


  1. I had the same problem with the Gold Effects Turbolash, no matter how hard I tried it did nothing for me.

  2. Hi GlossQueen!

    I really wish it worked for me - I was totally intrigued by the vibrating effect... but sadly, no, I think this will be in the "nice but pointless" pile of products I am amassing.

    Though I am sort of glad I didn't realise this after going out and making the effort to buy the damn thing. At least it came to me!

    I hope EL marketing reads our Primped comments!

    Thanks for the link and for commenting. I am enjoying reading your blog :)

  3. You have beautiful lips! :) Very nice blog! XO Nicky

  4. i love this add.. that red dress is gorgeous.

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