Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hair-spiration, where art thou?

Every year I seem to find myself in the same pattern of hair abuse ...

  1. Summer: Embrace excellent haircut by new exxy stylist.
  2. Autumn: Decide to ditch haircut because of insert lame reason here
  3. Winter: Get stuck in a major hair rut, influenced by the now growing out hair cut and cold weather (read: over-enthusiastic blow dryer use and long hair = split city!)
  4. Spring: Hit rock bottom. Completely un-inspired. No idea what to do with now overgrown mop, and no plans to change it.
I am now completely convinced that if I want to break this cycle, like any good addict (lazy person), I need to launch a pre-emptive strike before spring.

So far, I have enlisted the help of these lovelies:

L'oreal says: 'Provides light-weight nurturing, softness, hold, and detangling ease. Reinforces the hair fiber to help protect against damage caused by blow-drying and heat styling. Hair is left shiny and smooth.'

Verdict: It's all that, and more. I'd call this my desert island product. I think the lightness is the key here, because I seem to have delightful hair that looks dirty after one day. This doesn't add to that, but instead gets me by for another day and a half.

Matrix says:
  • Protects against heat damage up to 400ºF
  • Seals in high-shine finish
  • Long-lasting style memory
  • Easy, spray-on application
  • Locks in sleek finish, locks out humidity
Verdict: Oh, hai, did I mention that besides delightfully dirty locks, I also suffer from naturally coarse, and strangely kink/curl-prone straight hair? I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but I kid you not. In any case, this stuff works a treat when I'm blow drying or using the ghd.

So while I may still have no idea as to what I should do with my hair, I can rest assured knowing I've tried my hardest to keep my locks going all year (or at least until spring/summer).

But it's definitely time for a trim in lieu of any real plans.

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