Monday, August 4, 2008

Marking the end.

I've decided it's time to kick a bad habit.
Being a semi-closeted smoker for almost 5 years had been particularly damaging to my health and wallet.

This time it's the end for real.

Teeth only stained by coffee. (If at all)
Fresh breath. (early mornings not included)
A saving of 0.48 cents a ciggie, multiplied by 50 per week (yes, I worked it out)
Nails only stained by occasional dark nail polish.

I kind of enjoy it.

I always said this would be a "sometimes" thing.
I never anticipated it would take this long to quit.
But I feel crap, and my body is no longer catching up with me, but rather, dragging behind (a little slowly).

I don't want to be a statistic, but sadly this habit means I probably will be one day.

I used to smoke up to three packs a weekend when I partied too hard. I have visions of myself bopping to drum and bass whilst smoking my obligatory dunhill blue (which then turned to silver, in an effort to "cut down" ... talk about false economy!) in dirty clubs and talking to strangers over our shared weakness for nicotine in the freezing cold outside.

Since I have given up my partying-bingeing habits, there is no reason to smoke any more, when there is rarely any need to "come down" from anything.

This is a good beginning.
I'm nervous but excited and feeling like a fraud ("what if I can't do it and I secretly start again?")

I'm sure I'm as neurotic as the next quitter.



  1. Good on you Juji!

    More pros:
    No more smelling like a rotten ashtray.
    Quitting is good for one's lungs.
    Food tastes better.
    You taste better when kissed. (Speaking from experience of having kissed a smoker.)
    No more standing in the cold/wet/heat to smoke.
    You can have parties to celebrate every few weeks/months you're smokefree ;)

  2. In December 2004, a study was published by the Nicotine & Tobacco Research Journal that alarmed physicians. This U.S survey suggests that despite years of consumer education in print and TV ads and in-office patient education, the great majority of smokers are misinformed about the health risks of their habit.