Sunday, August 5, 2007

Back in the saddle.

Having seen my nice mid-semester "break" come and go, I have now realized, with some disdain, that I need to get right back in to the swing of things.

On the Real TO-DO list:

  1. Go over exegesis, add those "chapter titles" it so desperately requires.
  2. Take some pictures. There's a will, so there must be a way.
  3. Finish off the flora/fauna paintings for our fundraiser.
  4. Stop procrastinating.
On my real, but incredibly distracting to do list (which I should ignore as of this moment):
  1. Browse Ebay daily, and trawl through the designer and vintage clothing sections, by way of the cosmetics section, searching for "bargains".
  2. Spending too long in front of the mirror, considering what is actually wrong with my new haircut, and if I should get it "fixed"
  3. Then, debating where I would get it fixed, if at all.
  4. Reading lots of blogs about Malaysian food and wishing I was there, chowing down on... well, everything.
In conclusion, if the internet ceased to exist, then I would get more of my real list accomplished in a day.

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