Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oy vey!

Today I decided to put a long overdue plan into action.

In fact, the same plan I cited when discussing my leave plans with my colleagues over a week ago: The Great Wardrobe Re-Organisation of 2009.

Also known as, The Great Wardrobe Cull of 2009. Or, my personal favourite (which I think wins over great titles such as He's just not that into you) - "I have over fifty pairs of underwear and I do my laundry twice a week."

Left to right (an approximation): Rack - dresses (not visible), hoodies, coats, jackets, cardigans, skirts.
Cubes: Tshirts, singlets, underwear, jeans, trousers, sneakers (not complete collection) PJs,
shoes (hanging organiser plus more in storage), scarves (underneath shoe organiser), boots in front.

There are overstuffed plastic cubes. Storage containers. Shoe organisation devices. I still haven't worked out the kinks, but overall I am pleased with the result.

To conclude, I need to stop buying clothes, shoes and accessories, or I will run out of space; that much is painfully obvious. Alternatively, I need to move to a bigger house with extra rooms I don't need, simply for the purposes of storing my collection. Or come up with alternative arrangements and storage solutions.

And to think I was considering buying those suede Givenchy heels today (on SALE) or that super-soft black wool coat with the cute buttons (also on sale)!

Sigh. I have a problem.

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