Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Onward, Upward (Also known as the "pre-new-years-resolution")

I'm feeling more than a little challenged at the moment.

My university "career" over, it seems, the time is now ripe for me to get a job, a career, or some form of regular money-exchanging for services which;

a) Will continue to feed my growing addictions to increasing the contents of my wardrobe, travel, freedom and well, life in general.
b) Allows me to "do something" hopefully useful with my time. Perhaps even rewarding or stimulating (!)
c) Makes me a real life adult (for real, we're not talking the year I turned eighteen.).

Part of me keeps screaming "wait, it'll happen, just enjoy the ride!" and the cynic that has always been my fallback-persona keeps persistently reminding me that time's a-wasting, and I really need to get a job now, if not sooner.

Did I study art to avoid responsibility? No.
To avoid conventional employment? Perhaps yes.
Do I ACTUALLY want to make art? Sure, but I need money to do that.

In short, I shall consider this post an emotional pep-talk, a public service announcement reminding me, that YES, I need a job.

I'm not a complete fraud, I have applied for two jobs. Perhaps in the near future I will be a cosmetic counter chick or a public servant. Ha. I pick the best careers.

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