Sunday, November 11, 2007

Really Happening

sorry about the chair in the middle... it's not supposed to be there.

My exam is really going to happen.
I am currently trying not to hyperventilate.

The prints turned out beautifully (hundreds of $$ later), which is good. A huge thank you to my "patrons" who know who they are, for saving me from a fate of horribly finished/wrong colour/bad paper/too small print alternatives.

They're about A1 in size - rather, they fit in an A1 page. The white borders make me think of polaroids, and I can't get the idea out of my head that the lighting in the third image from the right reminds me of something by Corrinne Day or Mario
Testino. HA. Cos I am totally as good as they are.

Maybe it was Wolfgang Tillmans or Juergen Teller.
Either way, I think it's somewhat obvious I probably list "fashion photography" as a direct interest and influence.

Dear Marc Jacobs,
Hire me for your next ad campaign.
I can totally be your new Cindy Sherman.
from Juji xx

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  1. this is exciting and i am heaps happy for you, congratulations etc.

    - Helen