Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Old(er), Wiser.

Today I walked into the chemist near my work, and the sales assistant who looked like he was about two to five years older than me addressed me as "Madam".

This evening, sitting with J in front of Cafe 130 in Leederville, watching the peroxide blonde surge of girls and their man-bags walking past (or, was that "attempting to walk in four inch stilettoes..") I heard the words "I feel OLD!" creeping out of my mouth.

Old. Me. Aged 21.

I suppose I can say I was probably always "mature" even aged thirteen, but now I can no longer rely upon poor fashion choices and irresponsible public behaviour to reveal my true status as a youngin'. I prefer to do those things in the relative privacy of home, or at very least, where the few who do see it, are well aware of my momentary lapses in concentration that lead to such things.

I don't really like spending time in clubs with strangers because I'd rather be with my friends.

I hate 99.95% of all one-liners that could be considered pick up lines.

I am quite partial to the post-lunch siesta, followed by a gin and tonic in the evening before dinner.

Still, I can't help but find myself questioning whether I'm "acting" old, or whether this is all, indeed, a sign of the times.

In my defence, I don't drive, have a mortgage, a fulltime job, or a wedding ring, but even so, I feel so done with going out, getting wasted and waiting for a taxi on a darkened street corner in shoes that don't fit.

But I think I can just about live with that and not feel too bad about myself.

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