Sunday, November 18, 2007

Link love

New links I've been very interested in ...

Perhaps the most famous Australian blog around, iCiNG, for all your fashion, beauty and lifestyle needs - let's just say I'm now co-dependant. I want to dye my bright pink and take snaps of my outfits everyday. Perhaps now that I am free, besides my standing "to do" of world domination I can get on to that!

Then there's Makeupbag, as I have found nothing beats a blog run by an American beauty editor for all your to the moment news on brands like MAC
(my personal fave). A trans-continental solution that includes tried and tested advice on what's good and what isn't by someone I'd definitely take advice from!

And finally... KABAKUBA ... I'm not sure what it's about, but lets just say "me likey" Looks good. Nice page. Interested? Yes.



    (reminds me of kabakuba, but in colour)

    - h