Friday, October 12, 2007

Yeojin Bae & Gail Sorronda for Target

A bit late on the uptake, but even so, this is pretty interesting.

Amuses me that Gail Sorronda's lines all seem to be mirrored by the way she dresses. I suppose the same can be said of Bae (though it's less obvious).

As usual I intend to wait until I've seen them, no desire to buy immediately (ie. tomorrow!) Ever the sale-savvy shopper, I've bought all the previous collection items I own on sale (up to 75% off) ... I just can't justify paying full price when the items I generally want fall under the multi-tasking/any season categories.

That, and because I know I own enough clothes already - and further still, I haven't worn most of them.
Am liking the expansion into accessories. About time!


  1. I'm glad i'm not the only one who has clothes she hasn't worn in her closet. Ssshhh. Just between the two of us.

    I'm not sure about the 'for Target' lines. Stella McCartney's was massively overhyped and then stuck on sale rails forever.

  2. I've got a couple of good photos of some of the latest Gail Sorronda range, as worn by the girls from Gail Sorronda themselves:

    Cute huh!


  3. dave: cheers for that!

    i'm not sure if i can pull off the snow-white look but hey, maybe if i decide to bring back the blunt fringe...

  4. jl:
    Stella's line fell uber-flat (in my humble opinion) because it was a case of champagne tastes on a passion pop budget.

    damn the voguettes for hyping it.

    wasn't worth it at all...

    and a shame the josh goot wool blend jersey was itchy as hell.


    target needs me as an creative director. *snort*
    at least i'd tell them honestly that they were using shitty polyester.