Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things to do:

1. The exegesis. Only 1500 words to go!

2. Edit reference list.

3. Celebrate birthdays (including mine. debating whether i can be arsed to do the social-brithday ... maybe little creatures ... maybe not.)

4. Catch up with Mai.

5. Figure out why commonwealth bank is charging me fees even though i'm still studying full time!

6. Refine flims. Work out kinks. Sort out photos. Take more of them.

7. Go to the talk Lucas Bowers (ericaamerica) is giving next Tuesday.

8. Work out a plan for next year. Employment. Self-employment. Portfolio. Galleries. "How to be good." Replace good with moderately-successful (to get the idea)

9. Go for a jog on Sunday. Weather permitting (refuse to job in rain.)

10. Go to PICA artist car-boot sale, Saturday 10am - 1pm.

1 comment:

  1. I just wanted to say hello. Hi! I stumbled across your blog through google actually, and it's wonderful to meet someone else from Perth.

    I'm really enjoying your posts and you are now on my subscription list, so I look forward to many more. :)