Friday, August 17, 2007

TO DO: write!

I'd decided yesterday morning that sitting on top of my mental to-do list was

1. Make a new diary (or rather, an eighteen month diary.)

So i did,
using my printmaker's bookbinding skills (which I learnt in a mere three-hours, rather than the usual years of honing such a craft ... suffice to say i still need improvement!) , and this rather helpful diary template which is based upon the simple but effective Moleskine model.

And thus, being only a few hours old, my new diary is already beginning to fill
with lists.

I've realized of late how important they have become to me - where would I be without them? The main reason that I decided to make myself a new diary was because my previous (though that should say 'present' as it is technically half-used) had no space for extra notes and lists in it.

I decided to insert more than a dozen extra pages in the back of this diary for added buffer-space for all the added jotting.

If you look at the large version of my week next week, you will notice in red pen that I have decided upon September 1st as my "Predicted Completion Date" for my exegesis. Optimistic much? Yes, very, but I hope this quickly approaching deadline I have now set myself will give me the kick-up-the-bum I need to get writing writing writing.

So perhaps I will catch up with you after I'm done. (Or at least, after I say I will be done.)

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