Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wings and Winehouse (Face-crime of the week)

Bought Back to Black by Amy Winehouse today, and whilst i quite enjoy her style (musically), i cannot help but be completely perplexed by her overuse of the black eyeliner.

I'm sure a stylist and make-up artist or several are fairly responsible for this look i see on a fairly regular basis in trash mags at work ... but c'mon!

I really don't understand. Over-extended eyeliner looks comical at the best of times. Unless you're dressed as Cleopatra for some fancy-dress party, there really is no need for that much, it seems to be giving her some really weird looking shadows on her face (read: unflattering)

I dig you Amy. But drop the liner already!

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  1. What do you make of the album? I preferred her first album, way back then before she adopted the wings and the mega beehive.

    I've been puzzling over her eyeliner for a while now, too, along with the beehive hairdo. It's all too much.

    (Like your new digs, btw.)

  2. i confess i didn't even know who she was until this new album / until she started gracing the pages of gossip mags.

    but after doing some thorough research (ie. google ... :P) i found pictures of her sans-make-up sans-helmet hair ... sigh. she looked normal before!

    i'm very entertained by the new blog. hee hee.

  3. Have you read the article on Wino in the latest Rolling Stone? I used to think she was tough (if a little weird) but now i think she's pathetic. One of those people who needs 'her man' 24/7 just to make her feel good. Jesus.

  4. haven't read the article you mentioned, no, but i did read one about her in the sunday times (being the great news-driven paper that it is), and i was reading all the things about her alcohol-induced behaviour etc.

    sure, rehab makes for a nice little song, but me-thinks this girl needs it. and if not for alcoholism, then surely she needs help for that "bit of anorexia and bullimia" i keep hearing about...

    a bit of an eating disorder?

    i'm having visions of a new song named denial!