Sunday, June 10, 2007

Soy is my friend

Perhaps i am just being nit-picky, but after receiving the wrong coffee order on two separate occasions from DOME, i have decided it is time to cease visiting this particular chain.

I'm not being overly complicated! I just want soy. No cow milk for me.
I'm not one of those strange people i often encounter via my customer service job, the kind who seems to assume the counter-staff will just know the specifics of their order automatically. I try to be as clear as possible, so as to avoid inflicting all the usual psycho-retail-experiences i have encountered myself, upon the poor staff of whichever place i visit.

One soy mocha, one cappuccino.


And yet, when i checked with the table staff who brought the order out, i find that no, i have not received my soy mocha, but a skim milk one instead.
I wasn't rude. I didn't cause a scene. I think my exact words to the increasingly jittery looking waitress were 'Well, then I probably shouldn't drink this' ...

J and i had already waited ten minutes for our first orders, and i had to wait another fifteen for my correct drink. J even went to the counter to find out if it was going to arrive. They hadn't even made it, or started making it until he asked.

I wanted to jump up and run to the counter (where all five of the staff were wiping glasses and gas-bagging) and exclaim "I'm not just doing this to be trendy! I really do NEED soy in my coffee!!!!", but by then i already wanted to leave.


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  2. Funny you should mention soy, a friend of mine gets coffee from the same cafe at uni everyday. He was just telling me the other day that the barista keeps getting his order wrong. He has always asked for a 'latte'. Nothing more than a plain old latte. But the last 2 times he went, he's been given a 'soy latte'. We told him he's looking kinda pale and that the lady must know that he needs some extra soy in his diet.

    You'd think though that a chain cafe like dome with their high tech order-taking system would have no problems getting the order right. (press the soy button before the enter button.)

    Good luck finding a new coffee joint and maybe you'll find one where you can develop a sort of regular-customer relationship so that they'd never get your order wrong. :)

  3. exactly! the high-tech ordering system made me (incorrectly) assume i would get what i asked for.

    i never realized what an issue this would be ... oh well!

    i should just consider myself lucky that cheese doesn't make me sick.

    where would i be without cheese? :)

    as for the regular coffee-joint, the ladies at the cafe near my department always get it right, which is pretty helpful, particularly when i don't have the time/energy to keep an eye on the goings on behind the counter.